Summer Solstice Celebration Box

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Celebrate coming season with the Summer Solstice Celebration Box! It's packed with all the bath ritual goodies, spell ingredients, and bright summer scents you need to beam into a season of growth and light. From aromatic bath rituals to versatile spell ingredients and plenty of summer vibes, this box has everything you need to welcome the season with a bit of magic. Create powerful, magical seasonal rituals with this multi-use box and get ready for your best season yet! ☀
★ This box is curated as a bath ritual box, however, it can be  used in many ways and is designed to work with your intentions. Let your imagination run wild!


Summer Solstice Artisan Soap - 4 oz

  • Infused with Calendula & Carrot
  • Scented in bright lemongrass
  • No colorant added
  • Use in bath or shower throughout the season

 Celestial Citrus Shower Steamers - 2 - 2.5oz  steamers

  • Scent Profile - Fresh orange and lemon, eucalyptus and camphor
  • Use in shower ritual
  • Use in spell work

Gold Altar Bowl (exclusive box item)

  • 3.2" Stainless steel bowl; Food & Dishwasher safe
  • Great for altar offerings/Sacred space
  • Incense burning
  • Trinket dish/organizing

     Honey Love Lip Balm - 0.15oz

    • Perfect to add  to your facial care routine.
    • Infuse your lips with magical ingredients of the solstice

     Maxi Tealight - 1.5 oz

    • Scented in a sweet summer strawberry
    • Use during your ritual bath
    • Seal a spell jar

    ★ Palo Santo Stick

    • Use for smoke cleansing
    • Use for natural scent

    Soap Saver - Natural Sisal Fiber

    • Help your soap last the longer
    • Hang to dry between uses
    • Washable/Reusable
    • Could be used to hold crystals or herbs
    • Use as a charm bag

    ★ Citrine Tumble

    • Manifest abundance & creativity
    • Use in altar workings
    • Home Décor (not recommended in homes with children and/or pets)