Who is Raven Avenue Studio?

About The Skincare Alchemist

Merry Meet! My name is Holly, I am the creative force behind Raven Avenue Studio! I weave gifts from mother nature into luxurious skincare elixirs. Enchant your skin while awakening your senses. Let's transform your everyday skincare rituals into a spiritual experience of unique scents and holistic elements. As you embark on your journey to manifest your intentions, I hope to inspire you through the power of positive affirmations. I welcome you to embrace the mystical power of my spellbinding offerings as you unleash the goddess within you!

Personal Stuff

I happy to be sharing my life with my soul mate and 4 amazing kiddos! I feel so blessed it seems hard to want anything more from life. But like the Aires I am - I do. While I am spellbound with my family life, I desire to be a true entrepreneur and support my family with my own creations. I have many creative interests but I have always held an affinity for skin care, herbs and natural healing. These things have manifested in different way in my life. I started making salves, sprays and balms for my family many years ago. I rediscovered this love through an unexpected candle venture my husband and I began in 2018. I started making cold process soap and my obsession began! So many possibility for my creative outlet came pouring out into my soapy creations! I loved the way my skin felt after showering with handmade soap too! I started my Etsy shop in 2019 and began listing my creations. With all the policy changes and increases in fees I decided it was time to forge ahead with our own space! A space where I make the rules and my circle members can hang out and learn! This isn’t just a business for me, it is an entire lifestyle I have been blessed to wander into. Right now I am a woman owned business with occasional help when needed from my immediate family. As my company grows I intend to provide employment opportunity to my autistic adult children. We are excited for the opportunity to make this a family affair!