Want to shop in person? Come out and say hello at one of our events listed below!

Confirmed Events:

February 17th, 18th & 19th: MYTHICON @ 2634 Emmitsburg Rd. Gettysburg, PA

★ April 29th 29 - Fang Around The Cauldron York, PA

★ May 7th 10a-4p - Forty Elephants @ Mt. Hope Estates/PA Ren Faire 

July 8th 10a-6p & 9th 12p-5p -  Midsummer Expo @ Lancaster Farm & Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Rd. Lancaster, PA

★ August 26th 10a-6p & 27th 12p-5p - Maker's Market @ Mountville, PA

★ October 14th 11a-4p - Albatwitch Day @ Columbia, PA

★ October 28th 10a-6p & 29th 10a-6p - The Market of Magic @ Lebanon Valley Expo

★ December 16th - Fang Around the Caludron @ York, PA

Tentative Events:


More events will be added as we get confirmation!

Market Table

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