Crystal Hair Pin

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Style your hair with this genuine crystal hair pin and add a dash of crystal energy to your look! Whether you're creating a magical moment for a special night or just want to add a soft yet stylish shimmer to your locks, this enchanting accent will be sure to cast its spell. Get ready to rock a classic vibe with a hint of witchy glamour!

★ Multiple Materials Available

  • Fluorite Rose (color will vary based on available stock)
  • Rose Quartz  Rose
  • Green Aventurine Rose
  • Amethyst Raw Chunk (gold & silver)
  • Citrine Raw Chunk (Gold)
  • Aquamarine Raw Tumbled- NEW! (Pic coming soon)

★ Metal alloy base (gold color*, silver color*)

*Does not contain precious metal, these are metal color, material is a metal alloy.

+Please note colors on screen can vary as well as natural stone will have different hues in  different light sources.