Mystery Body Box

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Looking for a little mystery in your life? Do you just need some inspiration to spark your magic? A magickal mystery body box could be the answer you are looking for! Snag one of our mystery boxes and enjoy the surprise that awaits! I will include a variety of products in each box that are unique, fun and inspired by rituals! All body care products are formulated with high quality, cosmetic grade ingredients. Every product is handmade with care in my studio. Purchase a box for yourself or that bestie that needs a little "pick me up". Any variety of products will come in your box, but remember it's a mystery! Available quantity of boxes will be closely monitored based on availability of product at any given time.

 Mystery body box

  • Could Include any item available on the website, non body care items (wax melts, ect.) or items not listed on the website (like crystals, or candles). Pictured below are examples of products, not actual boxes.
  • Pick from 2 sizes:
    • Small - 2-4 items, 3 being the average.
    • Large - 5 or more items, some will contain more than 1 of the same item type (2 soaps, 2 bath bombs, 2 lip balms, ect) based on available inventory.
  • Products received will always exceed the listed price of the box purchased!
  • If you order more than one mystery box, both orders will come in ONE box (unless requested to be separated).
  • Weight of the products will vary depending on what is received.


  • Please note any sensitivities or allergies I need to be aware of (i.e. sensitive to fragrance, allergies to foods)
  • Each box is unique and specially crafted, if you leave a request with your order I will do my best to oblige. (i.e. I am working on self love, I prefer fruity scents, I do not like bakery scents, ect.)


► We cannot guarantee any particular product will be available for your box.
► Box price is based on quantity not value
► Some items included in your box may not be available for purchase from our shop.
► I do not make products specially for the boxes.
► I DO NOT accept RETURNS on these boxes due to the nature of possible contamination.