Sakura Crystal Bracelet

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Bring mother nature's beauty into your jewelry.  Sakura flowers give a beautiful, delicate touch for the perfect spring vibes. Made of quality crystal beads and mixed materials this bracelet is comfortable enough to wear everyday. The Sakura or Cherry Blossom symbolism is rooted in the spring season when rebirth and renewal are taking place. Remember to let your inner goddess bloom with the Sakura Crystal Bracelet.

★  Pick the perfect fit. Add 1/2 inch to the wrist measurement for best fit.

Genuine Crystals:

  • Jade Material 8mm (Dyed)

Other Beads:

  • Gold Toned Enamel Metal Alloy (Lead & Nickle Free)
  • Metal Alloy Spacers & Findings (Lead & Nickle Free)


  • Double strung stretch fiber (tail will not show in final bracelet)

*Remember every stretchy material has it's breaking limits even though I do everything to prevent this from happening. All bracelets are stretch tested before they are shipped. I also use a knotting system developed with a back up knot for extra protection. Keep in mind, natural materials can vary in in coloring/appearance as crystals are a natural material (unless indicated).

† Wooden display board is not included.