Spell Confetti Scoop

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Wanna join the mystery and excitement of your very own spell confetti scoop?! Look no further! Grab a scoop or 2 and enjoy creating a spell working scooped from universe. This is a great item for individuals new to the craft and want to work with and learn about new magical items and their properties. Maybe you need something new in your working and want to let the universe bring you new inspiration! 

You can create a spell candle, use items for a spell jar, replenish your travel altar, create a bath ritual or expand your magical ingredients in an affordable way.

*Please read the entire listing before purchasing to full understand what you are purchasing.

2 Scoop sizes: 1 cup OR 1/2 cup Spell Scoop (herbs, crystals, charms, non-bath and body) - example sizes pictured below.

Scoops could include: 

★ Metal charms

★ Mini Herb Pouches (salts, botanicals & herbs)

★ Quality crystal tumbles, chips and mini carvings

★ Anointing oils made with high quality essential oils.

★ Ritual Spoons

★ Mini Spell Jars/ Ingredient jars

★ Colored Tealights (unscented)

★ Occasionally, Jewelry items, or other goodies for enchanting and workings.

**IMPORTANT: Remember there are no guarantees on amount, type or material of the scoop. Each scoop will be unique in the quantity of crystals, material types. I try to keep a large variety of crystals available for the scoops. Some crystals may have pre drilled holes to make your own jewelry piece (however most will not). Most crystals will be polished (however some might be "raw"). You may receive doubles of items.

* Types of herbs that could be in your scoop: Salts (sea, pink, black, red), rose petals, lavender buds, corn flower petals, calendula petals, chamomile, arnica, lemongrass, cinnamon, dragon's blood, palo santo shavings, cloves, poppy seeds, peppercorns, rosemary, anise, chicory root, bay leaf, rose hips, orange peel, lemon peel, basil, sage, peppermint, and more!