Embrace the Magic of Calendula During Summer Solstice

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As the sun reaches its peak and nature blooms with vibrant energy, the summer solstice beckons us to celebrate the abundance and magic of the season.  An herb with ancient traditions and radiant golden petals known as calendula, boasts an abundance of uses for your summer rituals. Grab your sun tea and let’s chat about calendula’s magical properties for a transformative summer solstice!

Calendula possesses a rich tapestry of magical properties deeply rooted in folklore and spiritual practices. Its’ sunny disposition and vibrant colors symbolize joy, prosperity, and vitality. Calendula is believed to attract positive energies aligned with love, prosperity, and abundance, including promoting spiritual growth. Alternatively, it can also protect against negativity. During the summer solstice, when the sun's energy is at its zenith, calendula serves as a powerful conduit for connecting with the divine and embracing the transformative energy of the season. 

Simple ways to use calendula in your practice:

☼ Adorn your altar with calendula flowers in your sacred space dedicated to the summer solstice. Arrange fresh petals in a vibrant display alongside other symbolic items like crystals, candles, and sun symbols. As you honor the sun's energy, visualize your intentions and desires, infusing the calendula's magic into your rituals.

☼ Utilize the divinatory properties of calendula to gain insights and guidance during the summer solstice. Place dried calendula petals in a bowl and allow your intuition to guide you as you interpret their patterns and formations. Seek answers to questions about your journey, goals, and the energies surrounding you, letting calendula's wisdom reveal hidden truths.

☼ Incorporate calendula petals into a sacred fire ritual to release old patterns and invite new beginnings. Fire is a potent symbol of transformation and renewal. Thoughtfully write what you wish to let go of on paper. Place the paper in a fire safe container surrounded with calendula petals. Safely ignite the paper, visualizing the flames carrying away what no longer serves you. As the calendula petals burn, focus your thoughts on their vibrant energy igniting your desires and intentions for the summer solstice.

☼ Create a bath or shower ritual, focusing on calendula as a magical herbal element! Intentionally add calendula to your bath as speak a few meaningful words. Light a candle to represent the fire element of summer for cleansing and releasing. Incorporate any other magical elements that speak to you like bath salts, shower steamers (for shower rituals), additional herbs, even surround your tub with your favorite summer solstice crystals. As you enjoy your magical bath focus on your intentions, visualize your desires manifesting in your mind.

Calendula is widely used, easy to find, affordable and cultivates quickly! In addition to magical correspondence, it has been used in traditional medicines and teas for centuries. Calendula is sure to will quickly become a favorite ‘go-to’ reagent from your herbal cabinet for the summer solstice!

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