Simple Ways to Celebrate Lughnasadh

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It’s August 1st, time to celebrate Lughnasadh! Also known Lammas, this sabbat marks the first harvest or grain harvest. It is celebrated in the northern hemisphere on August 1 st (southern hemisphere, February 1st). Traditionally, named after the Gaelic sun god, Lugh, this tradition celebrates the first harvest (typically grains) in ancient times. This celebration continues today throughout the world with pagans and witches as part of their traditions.

As with most traditions, there are offering items, color, herbs and crystal that correspond with this celebration. Depending on your practice, you may choose to incorporate what speaks to you. Whether you’re offering gratitude or manifesting abundance, your practice and rituals can include such correspondences as:

☼ Fire elements

☼ Sun magick

Citrine, Aventurine, Carnelian or Tiger’s Eye

☼ Grains like wheat or corn

☼ Traditional foods like bread or honey

☼ Sprits such as beer or mead

Sunflowers, marigolds & lavender

☼ Herbs such as rosemary, cinnamon & mint

☼ Colors of gold, green or bronze

☼ Bees or butterflies

☼ Deities; The Grain Mother, Lugh, Persephone and Demeter


☼ Bake a loaf of fresh bread. Pair it with a delicious honey and cinnamon butter and share it with friends and family. Pair it with a simple lemon and mint sun tea and you are a fancy witch! YUM!

☼ Perform a spell for abundance, this could include colored candles, herbs and crystals.

☼ Decorate your altar with offerings to give thanks or ask for blessings or to represent the sabbat.

☼ Get outdoor and enjoy nature in all its full beauty. Walk in the grass barefoot. Watch the insects as they gather. Bathe in the sun and soak up all that solar energy (with sunscreen of course).

☼ A ritual bath for prosperity. Add your favorite correspondence with soaking salts, crystals or bath bombs.

☼ Journal your gratitude with the blessings you are thankful for!

Whether your celebrate the sabbats or not, these practices can be enjoyed throughout the season. What is truly important is doing what speaks to you. Blessed be!

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