Simple Ways to Celebrate Samhain

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Are you inviting your ancestors to dinner to tonight? Samhain (pronounce many way but a commonly accepted way is “Sow Unn”) is considered an important time of year for many practicing witches. A time which the veil is thin and communing with those who have passed is at its peak. Are you new to this ancient sabbath? Here are some simple ways to explore as you create your own customs and traditions during this Witch’s new year!

Take a forest walk and connect with nature as the season of change is in full bloom! Reflect on past lessons or those you might wish for guidance from.

If you have an altar, consider adding offerings to your ancestors to encourage them to visit. A favorite food or drink is a common type of offering. Add a photo of them (if you have one) for a personal touch. Alternatively, you might want to bestow a deity with altar offerings.

Enjoy a feast with family or community! Incorporate corresponding herbs like rosemary for purifying, cinnamon for protection, bay leaves for divination. Foods like, pumpkins, gourds, apples and pomegranates, essentially, crops from the final harvest.

Complete your night with a bonfire or a simple candle. Fire plays an important role in releasing that which no longer serves us. Aside from being considered protective from malevolence, fire is cleansing. Writing down things you want to release yourself from, bad habits, toxic relationships. Cleansing your energy for the start of the new year is a simple and effective ritual to promote positive change and usher in a new year.

However, you decide to celebrate just remember, the intention behind your actions is what is truly important and meaningful.

Samhain Blessings to all!

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