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What is a ritual bath exactly?

Bathing isn’t just about getting clean. Ritual bathing is an ancient tradition utilized by many cultures throughout the ages. Prominent woman like, Cleopatra, are historically known for their ritual bathing practices. But why?

Modern day bathing rituals often provide a meaningful need. We are attempting to create an atmosphere to promote healing, mentally and physically.  Bathing has become a way to relieve stress, soothe sore muscles, and connect to our spirituality. A 2020 study revealed a correlation between regular bathing and decreased heart disease and stroke. While this post isn’t about health per say, it’s worth noting the overall health benefits ritual bathing can provide.

What encompasses a ritual bath? Some important things to consider are:

Timing: Full and new moons are a great time for a ritual bath. The full moon is a time of reflection, while a new moon is a time for setting intentions.

What do you want to achieve? Greater selflove? Sooth your mind to gain clarity? Cleanse your aura? Recharge your energy?

Water is one of the most important elements in your ritual, it is renewing, rejuvenating, cleansing. Water has charged particles that create an amazing conduit for spiritual energy flow. Use this to work with other elements to tailor your ritual.

What personalized elements appeal to your spiritual goddess? Color, herbs, scent, yes even glitter! Let your intention help guide your choices. No one magical element is better than another. It’s about choosing elements that speak to you as the practitioner. There are many elements that one can use in her ritual it’s sometimes hard to choose! I will be providing a more detailed guide on choosing elements in the future. Consider subscribing to the newsletter so you don’t miss it!

But what if I don’t have a tub?! Stay tuned for our next blog post on creating a ritual shower experience!

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