How to Create a Ritual Shower

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No bathtub? No problem! Showers can also be used as a time of ritual and expressing intentions. Showering can provide opportunities for many different rituals.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Let’s start with a foot ritual! Yep, you can do this in the shower.  You can utilize a washrag or cloth to cover your drain, allow just enough water to cover your feet. Sprinkle with your favorite ritual soaking salts. In addition to a salt soak, you could add a splash of moon water. Remember to use caution if oils are present in the salts (most are infused with oils). Once your have completed your ritual simply remove the covering and let the water slip into the drain. You could use the draining as part of your ritual for visualization of negativity leaving, or even as a symbolic completion to your shower ritual as well!

A full body shower ritual will probably be most practitioner’s go-to. Depending on your intentions, consider cleansing the shower with incense, as a first step. To create the prefect shower ritual by add herbs, essential oils, moon water and other ingredients you can safely apply to your skin into one of those many jars you've been hoarding (it's ok I have tons, too!). Use your blend to anoint your body or chakra(s). Focus on your incantation and work your magic. 

So, what about a ritual before you run out the door to head to work? Your options are still vast! Hoping for a positive outcome for the day, meeting a stranger for dinner? Feeling icky about a bad encounter the day before? This would be a perfect time to use a salt soap! Salt is purifying and protective. As you scrub your skin speak to your words of intention to the universe. Rinse and off you go without adding any time to your daily routine!

Grab a luxurious salt soap, crafted with simple intentions like banishing or purifying for a go-to shower ritual!

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