Simple Summer Solstice Practices

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Are you awake, Goddess? It is time to gather around the bonfire to celebrate the official beginning of summer and the longest day of the year.

This is the time to grow abundantly and offer appreciation for growth and abundance you have received. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate Litha, also known as the summer solstice!

Flowers are very symbolic this season and it make sense they would be included in many festivals and rituals. You can enjoy a solstice tea crafted with things like calendula, lemongrass, spearmint, hibiscus, pea flower or orange slices. Create a beautiful flower crown to wear during your solstice celebration! Use the flowers that have meaning to you to honor the May Queen and her life energy she expends to ensure a bountiful harvest. There are several traditions surrounding the flower crown and its purpose, choose what speaks to you.

Fire is another key element to your summer solstice celebration! Fire is cleansing and the flames honor the God and Goddess. Offerings of herbs and trinkets around or thrown into a bonfire are traditional. If a bonfire is not in your cards, a simple candle will be just as effective. Remember, it’s all about your intentions during the solstice that matter most.

Honey symbolizes abundance and boast many magical properties Use honey in some fun recipes like honey cakes or to sweeten your tea. If you indulge in adult beverages, mead is a good choice for a summer solstice celebration.

Lastly, a bath ritual can really set your intentions for the season! Think oranges, yellows and reds when selecting your elements. Some examples of bath ritual elements to include could be:

            ☼ Calendula petals

            ☼ Citrine ritual candle

            ☼ Carnelian Soap

            ☼ Sunflower Soap

            ☼ Orange slices

            ☼ Lavender Essential Oil

Ultimately, the best summer solstice rituals are what speak to you and your intentions. Your path is uniquely yours. This blog is intended to provides simple ideas for you to build your traditions and rituals that serve your spiritual practice.

Looking for a convenient way to create your perfect summer solstice bath or shower ritual? Try a Summer Solstice Celebration Box!

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