Coffee Magic - for your skin!

Posted by Holly Gayer on

Many of us are keenly aware of the magical impact coffee can have on our day. This magical bean juice is part of your morning ritual. It's that first sip that sharpens your mind and gives your a little jump start to your day! You may already know coffee is used in magic and spell work but did you know coffee can work magic on your skin too?

Coffee contains chemical compounds that do magical things for your skin. For example, caffeine, is a cellulose fighting compound that can increase the smooth appearance of your skin. Coffee also contains those magical antioxidant that help us fend off the 'evil of aging', free radicals. The list could go on! Start simply.

Here are two easy ways to incorporate the magic of coffee into your skincare routine.

★ Use coffee grounds to apply topical to the skin. This can mechanically remove dead skin and dirt to help soothe redness and create a smooth skin appearance. You can create your own scrub or grab one crafted with magical intentions here.

★ Create a cold pressed coffee oil to absorb into your skin providing antioxidant properties to elevate your youthful appearance and possibly prevent skin damage. Or simply try a magical soap infused with coffee oil already!

There are so many ways you can incorporate this magical bean into your skin care routine. Save your grounds from your morning brew and create simple diys for your skin care routine. Or, Grab quality crafted skin care expertly formulated to start your journey.

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