Magical Ways to Give a Gift Card!

Posted by Holly Gayer on

Are you lost on how to give a gift card in a magical way? Well, maybe not in a spells and cauldrons kind of way, but that magical feeling of excitement way. Gift cards make a great option for gifting this season for many reasons. Postal delays and lost packages are only the start of a sometimes stressful gifting season. Making your holiday giving a breeze with a gift card seems like a no-brainer! But how do you make a virtual gift card feel just as amazing as a hand picked, personalized, physical gift. (Psst...the only thing your missing is the physical part.) Here are some easy-peasy ideas to make your gift giving shine!

★ Print the email with your gift giving code and add it to a personalized card, photo cards make a great "bonus" gift this time of year for friends and family.

★ Cards can sometimes seem over done, but a card sitting on top of a lovely plant is a win-win!

★ Are you a DIY gift maker? Your options are endless! Small hand decorated trinket boxes, a small drawstring pouch with a crystal tucked inside,  and the printed gift code.

★ Include a hand written card about why your chose this gift for that special person.

★ Use Canva (a free design software) to design a unique, printable "gift card"  designed and customized for your recipient. Don't forget to put their unique code and instructions on your design!

Happy Gifting!


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