Five Ways to Use Jasmine to Boost Your Magick!

Posted by Holly Gayer on

Ready to really unleash your Goddess? Let's talk about an herb you need to add to your magical ingredients!  Jasmine is a lunar herb that blooms in the magic of the moonlight making it a perfect magical tool! Jasmine’s common forms used for magic are dried flowers and essential oil absolute. Jasmine provides amazing properties to boost attraction, positivity and divination rituals. Let’s jump into a few easy ideas to enhance your spell work!

  • A simple way to incorporate the toted benefits of Jasmine is infusing it into a tea to boost your mood. Jasmine has been used in ancient cultures for it's many health benefits, including easing depression and anxiety.
  • Diffuse in Jasmine absolute essential oil to boost your mood and create a positive vibe. 
  • Use some dried flowers in a satchel under your pillow to enhance prophetic dreaming.
  • Add jasmine absolute essential oil to anoint ritual tools and spaces to amplify their powers.
  • Add dried flowers or a few drops of essential oil directly to a bath water to enhance your ritual bathing!

Create your perfect ritual by incorporating this powerful feminine herb to your witch's cabinet!

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