The Magic of Pink Himalayan Salt

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~  Grab a cup of tea and your book of shadows, let’s learn about pink Himalayan salt!

As you might guess, or already know, pink salt has many amazing qualities, magical and otherwise. The nature of the color of pink salt provides the properties to promote self-love or romance. Similar to rose quartz, pink salt can be used in bath rituals to boost your self-love activities (i.e., healthier eating, positive self-affirmation). Try incorporating pink salt into a meal you might typically use table salt. As you apply the salt to your dish, do it with intention, say a few magical words and use your power to keep motivation.

Pink salt’s connection with the earth lends properties that promote grounding. Pink salt has spent millions of years connected to the earth and its soft pink hue is courtesy of the iron contained in the salt. This makes pink salt a great choice to use as protection and prosperity to your home. These mineral rich crystals make a great choice to infuse in bathwater.

What about those salt lamps? When Himalayan pink salt is heated it releases energy that enhances psychic properties. Keeping one in your space can boost your astral and psychic spirit work. Tired of negative co-workers or thoughts of self-doubt throughout your workday? Keep a salt lamp at your desk.

Lastly, consider keeping pink salt in places you want to dispel negativity. That could be on your person, in a small vial kept in your pocket or satchel or a small salt lamp at a workstation.

Pink salt is one of the purist salts we have access to and is something that could easily be incorporated into your spiritual practice to enhance soothing, loving energies.

Wanna try pink salt in your self-love bath ritual?

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