Simple Rituals to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

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Do you get excited when the snow begins to melt and the first green buds begin to sprout from their hibernation? The spring equinox is approaching, here are some rituals to celebrate the season!

The spring equinox means that new life and new beginnings are upon us! This is the time to sow the seeds of your intentions.

Spring cleaning is a spring equinox ritual that is meant to release the staleness of winter. Refresh your living space to welcome the new blessings to come. Opening windows to let in fresh air and organizing your space are rituals done in many cultures. As you clean each area of your home speak your intentions for the space. An example could be; when cleaning your bedroom you say a little chant, "This is my sanctuary for rest and renewal." Place a charged amethyst crystal at your nightstand to promote peace and sleep.

The spring equinox is a time for fertility and new life. Consider planting seeds for the insect and wildlife that may wander into your yard, porch or balcony. Nurture your seedlings so they might nurture the budding life around you. You can also plant an herb garden for herbs you want to use in your spell work. As you plant your seedlings speak positivity to them.

Decorating eggs in another spring equinox tradition that can be enjoyed at any age.  If you have young people in your life, dying eggs is a fun way to celebrate the vibrant colors of the season. Consider painting wooden eggs with runes or sigils that you could place on your altar to use in your spell work or divination. Save and wash egg shells from your breakfast. Egg shells are used for protection and cleansing or nourish your plants and herbs with them. 

Set up an alter with elements that invoke the spring equinox season or honor a spring Goddess. Consider using eggs, flowers, and pastel colors! It's the perfect time to set your intentions for the coming year. Some spring deities include Brigid(Celtic), Freya (Norse) and Estore (Pagan/Germanic).

No spring equinox would be complete without a ritual bath or shower! Consider the intention you wish to set. Gather your herbs and crystals, or grab a ritual salt soak here. Don't forget a candle or two. You can pick up a crystal infused candle if you don't bathe with crystals (not all are water safe). Recite a meaningful phrase that matches your intentions and enjoy some time meditating as the water soothes you.

Remember there is not really a right or wrong way to practice your craft. Use the practices and tools that speak to you. Remember, the magick is in you! 

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