Surviving Mercury in Retrograde

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Hey Goddess! I hope you are thriving during Mercury Retrograde, even with all it’s hiccups. If you’re not and you need some help, keep reading!

There is a lot of advice out there about what you shouldn’t do during Mercury Retrograde. You may read things like, “Don’t sign important documents during Mercury in retrograde!” But what they should really be telling you is, slow down! This is a time when communication can become wonky and be misinterpreted. Slowing down and really understanding what is being communicated to you can be detrimental right now. Most of the important documents we sign get skimmed over (the jargon is often hard to interpret anyway), and this is not the time to skim. Ask questions about a document if you don’t understand the language. Do you have an important topic to discuss with someone? Take the time to really think about what it is you want to communicate to them before you speak, type or text.

Consider holding off on making new plans. Conjure them, but don’t buy that ticket just yet. Why? There will almost certainly be an unexcepted resource shortage. Money and time are a finite resource for most of us, so conserving those resources during Mercury Retrograde, especially if they are already tight, is wise. Be sure to give yourself adequate time to complete any plans you have already made.

If those tactics just aren’t working for you, give your vibes a boost! Channel some crystal energy to help you during Mercury Retrograde!  Amethyst can help you keep your peace during this potentially chaotic time. Obsidian can help you reflect on past events, something we should all be working on in bringing our shadows into the light. Amazonite is a great crystal to assist with clearer communication.

The take a way to surviving Mercury in retrograde is not avoidance, it is slowing down, looking internally for insight. Are there going to be hiccups? Of course! But that doesn’t mean your entire life needs to stop. Be smart about what can be put off if you are really feeling “off”. It’s time to make new connections with your intuition.

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